The Electorate of the National Union of Students in Hungary hereby releases this statment (3 April 2017)

2017. április 05., szerda 11:12

The directorate of HÖOK participated in the meeting of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference held on 3 April 2017, after which the Electorate of HÖOK discussed the proposal to amend the National Higher Education Law that the Parliament is about to discuss.

HÖOK agrees with the release of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference and adds the following statements.

Due to the severity of the topic, we would like to reassure that making this proposal of high importance without involving the stakeholders of the higher education is unmerited.

We also reassure that the regularisation of the foreign higher educational institutions operating in Hungary must not lead to the closure of institutions pursuing high-quality education and research activities. We support – unanimously with the rectors – that the Central European University continues operating in Hungary. With regard to the current situation, we ask for discussing this disagreement through negotiations with the involvement of the student unions, to assure that the interests of students are represented.

Furthermore, we ask for the convocation of the Higher Education Round Table.

Budapest, 3 April 2017


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